Donna Chiofolo | Guestbook
Mike Head(non-registered)
Beautiful work Donna, a joy to look through!
Matthew Benjamin Brunson(non-registered)
It's amazing, the strength of emotion a single, still image can evoke. A camera in your hands is a weapon, a pen, a blanket and a storm, all at once.
David Tiernan(non-registered)
Beautiful website Donna with outstanding images, miles ahead of me, I'm sure I've got lots to learn from you and your lovely work...!!! Very impressive...!!!
Dorrine swenson(non-registered)
Love your pics. I miss Florida so much.
Luigi Granata(non-registered)
Ciao Donna, congratulations for your images and your web site.
Nice initiative...hope you add many more in time!
Peter humphrey(non-registered)
Wonderful images Donna look forward to following more of your images on Flickr
WWP EASTCOAST(non-registered)
Nice website I do like the way you have it set up we hope you go far in this line of work you have a good eye for pictures I hope to see more soon .{ note } just keep it fun for you and you will go along way in the business .
Shirleey A. McElhaney(non-registered)
Simply....peaceful, serene, and beautiful
Darlene Wilkins Clay(non-registered)
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